“The Potty Poncho has been a game changer for potty training!  My son loves putting it on and is having so much fun with the whole process!  I only wish I had this for my daughter when we trained her.  The patterns are so cute and the material is so high quality, that it keeps him warm and comfortable all day.  It's a must have for potty training”.  

Janaelle D. Mother of (2) Boston, MA


"As a parent of 3 small kids Potty Poncho has been a god send when training on the toilet.  Our kids loved how comfortable it made them on the potty.  Not only that, they wanted to use it as a towel after the shower.  Also with a hoody it made it perfect to wear outside.  Lastly, I love the fact that its a product that was made in the USA!"

Mark Huebner President, Hoookfish Mfg. Father of (3)  Denver, CO


We were having the hardest time with potty training. My daughter was scared of the entire process and nothing we found made it more fun until we discovered the Potty Poncho!  It helped my daughter feel more at ease and gave her something fun and educational to focus on while on the potty!   Hearing her yell the letters and animals while sitting on the toilet was a win win for this momma! 

Danielle D. Mother of (3) Middleton, MA